Album “Mihrax”

Since 2019 our self-titled debut album can be listened to on various streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, YouTube Music…).

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The Story

We would like to take this opportunity to explain some background information about the story on which the 100-minute double album is based.

In eight songs the story of a young man is told, who stays in dream worlds (Dulcis Somnium) after the death of his brother, in order to process his loss. In the process, the protagonist (He) flies large commercial airplanes in his deep dreams, which help him maintain control over his life. One day the protagonist meets his girlfriend (She), who at first tries to get him out of his imaginary worlds.

But then the tide turns: the protagonist submits (Submission) to his girlfriend because he can no longer live without her and makes himself irreversibly dependent on the person he loves so much. She, who has long been fascinated by her boyfriend’s dream worlds, gets them a bottle of pills that let them dive into even more complex and deeper worlds (Mihrax).

Now both are trapped in their independently controllable dream worlds (Dreamworld) and slowly lose their minds. What is still real? What is the dream? Neither of the two can distinguish the dream world from reality (Reality) anymore.

Towards the end (The End) the young couple gets lost in their dependence on each other and on the sleeping drug, so that their reality is that of their dream…