Tobias Graef – Keyboards

I am a musical alien of my generation – and I am proud of it. Where the masses go crazy to techno beats and celebrate monotonous two and a half minute songs, I love to listen to melodic, complex stuff packed in concept albums with a tendency to epic overlength. Nevertheless, I’m musically open for a lot of things and like to learn new things or expand my horizon again and again in order not to stagnate. Besides consuming great music, I like composing and playing with real people in a real band.

I started playing piano in elementary school, then drums accompanied me until puberty. Then followed the conquest of the electric guitar, until I switched back to the keys after my studies – now the only thing missing is the electric bass… well, let’s see when that will come.

My favorite genres

I listen to a lot of progressive rock and its subgenres – especially neo-prog and symphonic prog – but also fusion, hard rock and many variations of jazz. I also have a weakness for good 80’s pop…

My favorite “ivory ticklers” are

Tony Banks (Genesis), Martin Orford (IQ, Jadis), Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon), Jim Gilmour (Saga), Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Neal Morse Band), John Beck (It Bites), Ronnie Brown (Pallas), Mark Kelly (Marillion), Neil Durant (IQ), Don Airey (Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne), Rick Wakeman (Yes), Dave Stewart (Bruford, National Health) Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson), Joe Jackson, Chick Corea, Jamie Cullum, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans and many more!

My favorite equipment

  • Casio PX-560 M Privia digital piano
  • Roland FA-07 Music Workstation
  • Behringer DeepMind 12
  • Mellotron 4000D Mini